DIY Air Conditioning Service on Long Island Maintenance

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A broken air conditioner can be quite a problem as the temperatures soar. When you come home to a hot house your immediate first inclination is to contact your trusted HVAC repair company. A hot home is an uncomfortable home and you want to feel relief from the summer heat while you are at home. When looking for air conditioning service on Long Island has trained professionals that are able to provide HVAC service in Suffolk county and surrounding areas. Before you jump right to your phone and reach out for air conditioning service on Long Island run through a simple check list of DIY air conditioner problem solving and maintenance. You may be able to fix the problem on your own.


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Your DIY Check List Should Include:

  • Check the thermostat
  • Inspect the breaker box
  • Ask neighbors if there was a power outage
  • Do an external inspection of your AC unit
  • Check the filter, replace if needed
  • Check to make sure all vents in the house are open
  • Consider the weather and utilize fans


Check The Thermostat

Before you reach for the phone and call in HVAC service in Suffolk county take a quick look at your thermostat. If you have a digital thermostat such as the nest there could be a glitch that turned your air conditioning off or set it to heat. If you have a traditional thermostat check the settings to make sure someone or something didn’t accidentally change the setting.


Inspect Your Breaker Box & Ask Neighbors About A Potential Power Outage

Sometimes a power outage can cause a fuse to flip. A quick trip to your breaker box will answer this question. Also ask neighbors if there had been a power outage during the time while you were away from home. If the power was out in the neighborhood your air conditioner would not have been running. This would result in a warmer inside temperature.


Do An External Inspection Of Your AC Unit

Air conditioning units should be at least three feet away from shrubs, trees and debris. Plants that grow into the unit can cause internal damage. If you come home to a warm house and have tried the before mentioned tips it is time to do an external look at your unit. If it is crowded with debris or vegetation make sure you clear this out.


Check The Air Filter and Vents

A dirty air filter will not be able to circulate air efficiently. Make sure you set a monthly reminder in your phone or schedule a reminder in your calendar to replace filters. This will help keep your unit running smoothly. After you have inspected the filter inspect each vent in the house. Your vents could have been shut or a piece of furniture may be blocking some. If the vents are blocked the cool air will not circulate adequately.


Consider The Weather

If you are experiencing a heat wave your unit may simply be struggling to keep up with the rising temperatures. You can help the air flow in your house by including fans. Ceiling fans, box fans or other styles of fans will help move the air around and cool your space.

If you have tried all of the above-mentioned tips and your air conditioning unit is still not working then it is time to call in the air conditioning service on Long Island professionals. Trained repair personal for HVAC service in Suffolk county will be able to service you unit, discover the problem and fix it promptly so that you can enjoy your home once again.