When Oil Tank Removal is Needed By A Westchester NY Homeowner

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Needing oil tank removal can come at the worst times. You may wait till it’s on it’s last leg and they come with a bright idea to change over to gas, but this strategy may fail.

oil tank removal in westchester ny

The reason being is because depending on the municipality to where you live, It may take as much as six months before the permits are approved for you to get gas into your home.

Yes folks, government bureaucracy at its best. While most governments tout being eco-friendly and Green, there be a it may take as much as six months before the permits are approved for you to get gas into your home.

Yes votes, government bureaucracy at its best. Well most governments tap out being eco-friendly and green, The bureaucracy that these governments exude actually point to that I want and earth filled with toxins.

Why would I say something like this? If a homeowner or a business owner wants to switch to natural gas from oil, it should take a lot shorter than six months! Which local New York Government takes six months you may say? Well I wouldn’t exactly call it the local government but it is a quasi-form of government and what I’m speaking about is con Ed.

If you are so unlucky to be looking for oil tank removal and you’re in Con Ed grips, hopefully there’s nothing wrong with your current tank. If there is you’ll have to pay about $300 per month for temporary tag until your gas line is connected.

Oil tank removal in Westchester County it’s a little bit easier, doesn’t take as long to get permit approved. But you should plan ahead if you plan on converting to gas. Obviously if you oil tank is getting old, you may not have this issue but you will have other issues that are potential he hazardous to the environment.

Older tags have a tendency to leak. If you wait to your tank is leaking you may also need soil remediation. If this is the case depending on how bad it is, this can cost I homeowner up to $15,000 for the entire oil tank removal cleanup project. If you don’t have that kind of money in your back pocket, you should make sure that the oil company that is Servicing your heating system, check the tank regularly

Checking the tank may be a little trickier if it’s on the ground. Make sure you confirm with your oil tank specialist asked her what is the maximum lifespan of your tank. At that point he will know when you need a tank removed and replaced either with a new one or if possible move over to natural gas.

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