Room Decor with Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Westchester NY

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Flooring is one of the most important considerations in any room. Room decor plans start with the flooring. There are many choices when it comes to flooring. This includes the tile, linoleum and carpeting. One of the most popular flooring choices is hardwood. Many people love hardwood. Hardwood looks good, helps bring a natural element to any home and works with many kinds of floor plans. One of the best things about hardwood is that it can be refinished if it get scratched or if the homeowner wants to add in different colors to the room. Refinishing hardwood floors Westchester NY has many advantages. Hardwood floor refinishing in Westchester NY ( is a great way to update any home. Wood floor refinishing Westchester NY is ideal if you want a new look or you’re putting your home on the market.

hardwood floor refinishing westchester ny


You Can Do Hardwood Floor Refinishing

One of the best things about hardwood floor refinishing Westchester NY is that you can do it yourself. No need to hire a contractor to do the wood floor refinishing Westchester NY. Tackle the refinishing hardwood floors Westchester NY yourself. It’s easier than ever before today. All you need to get started are a few tools and some hard work. It’s a good idea to set aside some time to complete the job on your own. A weekend is ideal. Many homeowners also prefer to complete this job when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold so they can leave the windows open during the wood floor refinishing Westchester NY process. Get the entire family to work with you. Everyone can participate in the process and help create flooring that is free of nicks and scratches and looks wonderful.


The Materials You’ll Need for Your Wood Floor project

Before you begin the hardwood floor refinishing Westchester NY project, you’ll need supplies. You will need floor cleaner, 180-grit sandpaper, a dust mask, a maroon buffing pad, a clean filter, a broom, a microfiber cloth, booties, a respirator with organic vapor canisters, a cone filter, a watering can, a long handled roller and polyurethane coating. Have each on hand before you start in a convenient place so you don’t have to run out and get any missing items.


Getting Started Refinishing your Hardwood Floor

Start by cleaning the floor for your refinishing hardwood floors Westchester NY plans. Wipe them dry and keep the windows closed so you don’t get any dust in the room. Use the sandpaper around the corner of the room so you get places the buffer cannot able to reach. You want to see a dull finish and wood powder. Next, put on your dust mask and attach the maroon buffing pad to the buffer. Move the buffer across the floor with the side of the grain. You’ll start to see the the coating come off so you can tell how much progress you’re making. It’s a good idea to keep the buffer moving but vacuum the pad every five minutes or so it can remove the dust from the floor.


Finishing the Hardwood Job

After the initial stage is complete, it’s time to finish the job. Take a ten minute break when you’ve removed the coating. Put another filter in the vacuum and sweep the entire floor. Get all the remaining dust up using a microfiber cloth and a broom. Put on your booties and the respirator while straining the finish through your cone filter into the watering can. Paint the edges. Use the roller to get rest of the floor. Add a layer of polyurethane, open the windows and let the floor dry for three hours.