Need for Sump Pump Installation on Long Island due to Water Tables

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 Water Problems And How To Fix Them with Basement Waterproofing in Long Island

Water getting into basements is a common problem all across America. At best, it’s a major annoyance. At worst, it can cause severe damage to your belongings and pose a health hazard. If you’re looking for basement waterproofing on Long Island methods, we’re going to go over some of the options that might be the solution to your problem.

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There are a number of reasons water might be getting into your home.

  • There might be cracks or damage in the foundation.
  • There might be a plumbing issue.
  • Your home might be in a low area.
  • Your gutters might be clogged.
  • Your yard or downspouts might be allowing water to pool near your home.
  • There might have been a recent natural disaster.


Identifying the problem is the first big step. If you can’t find the source of the problem or nothing you are trying is working, waterproofing companies Long Island can find the issue.


How To Fix Water In Your Basement

Install A Sump Pump

Sump pump installation Long Island is an excellent option if you simply can’t keep the surface water from getting in. It’a also one of the easier and least expensive options waterproofing companies Long Island can offer, especially if you don’t want to destroy the landscaping of your yard. However, they are usually only a viable option for an unfinished basement, as they work by pooling water into a collection tank in a basement’s low point and then pumping the water out of the house. Getting a sump pump installation Long Island is the right step for many homeowners.


Put In Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can keep water away from your foundation, as well as offer some additional advantages. If your yard slopes, retaining walls can give you use of more of your yard and prevent erosion. They can be decorative and give a very nice look to your yard, as well as have attractive terraced garden landscaping atop them. There are different types of retaining walls so it’s important to determine what type is the right choice for your yard.


Regrade The Yard

Regrading the yard is another option. Doing this can even out your yard so it doesn’t slope towards your foundation, thus preventing water from pooling there and seeping into your basement. You might need to do a slight regrade anyway to create a good drainage system for sump pump installation Long Island.


Fix The Foundation

This can be an expensive fix depending on the extent of the damage, but a cracked or damaged foundation can be a serious structural issue that is best addressed before it can get worse. It can also be a major sticking point when you go to sell the house. Basement waterproofing Long Island services can fix issues in the foundation for homeowners.


Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions do a very good job of diverting rainwater coming off your roof farther away from your home. When you don’t have water pooling right next to the walls of the home, it isn’t as likely to start seeping into your basement. While it is not the most convenient or sightly, ten feet is how far downspout extensions should extend out from your home.


Keep Gutters Clean

Keeping gutters unclogged is a basic element of basement waterproofing Long Island. Keeping gutters clean can also help avoid a number of other problems with your home, such as deteriorating parts of your roof (resulting in damage or a leaky roof), causing mold to grow and wood to rot.


Paint A Waterproof Coating Onto The Walls

The trick is to make sure every pore is adequately covered – many people do not put enough of the sealant on. If this isn’t something you feel comfortable doing yourself, waterproofing companies Long Island can give you a hand.

If mold has begun to grow in your home, take the proper steps, including contacting restoration professionals and doing sump pump installation Long Island, to assess the damage and kill the mold. It can pose a serious health risk to your family and make it near impossible to sell your home if left unaddressed. Any damage that has occurred also needs to be fixed before it can pose a serious structural integrity issue. Remember that if you’re having issues with basement waterproofing Long Island yourself, you can get waterproofing companies Long Island to help.